Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Follow up...

I wanted to mention another wonderful resource, the Danish Design Store, for all of those beautifully crafted Danish pieces we love... including the Wishbone Chair.  Check out their website, you will be forever grateful to me ;-)

You should also check out their great blogs... and 


My new favorite iconic chair is Hans J Wegner's Wishbone by Carl Hansen & Son. The light, sculptural chair demands perfect craftsmanship and is made of the best natural materials.

I have always admired the lines and the versatility of this chair but I began to crush harder, when in celebration of the chair's 60th Anniversary, Carl Hansen & Son released 12 new colors. I especially love the crisp white option for the seat color as opposed to the classic natural tone.

There are fans of Wegner that found the release of the shiny colors in bad taste, essentially ruining a timeless design. However, I think it just gives the chair a fun modern twist still clinging to its beautiful shape and structure. What do you think?

You could purchase these chairs  as well as the original colors at either Design Within Reach, Suite NY or Room and Board.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Four Poster

Recently, one of the clients I am working with desired a four poster bed with a modern edge. While people may assume a four poster bed is usually frilly or whimsical, this couple was looking for something cool and sexy. Of course I got down to one of my favorite parts of the job - research.

Here are some of the beds I proposed. As you can see, some have platforms sitting on the floor, some have headboards, some metal and some wood finishes. If you are in a romantic mood, you can also drape a sexy sheer fabric over the top of the canopy like the Ceylon or Mash Studios Bed. Which do you prefer?

Max Alto Alcova

Moheli Baldacchino

Edward Ferrel & Lewis Mittman Sutton Place Bed

Asha Baldaquin

Bolzan Letti - Ceylon

Room & Board Portico Bed

Mash Studios Canopy Bed

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Classic Picnic Table with a Twist...

How awesome is this picnic table with a built-in wine cooler at Medlock Ames Winery in California? Relaxing at a winery in California overlooking the beautiful vineyard - not too shabby either.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pretty Pics...

Just wanted to share some pretty pics for you to enjoy on this sweltering hot day in New York!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Just like jewelry...

One of my favorite phases of the decorating process is the accessorizing. A space that is furnished properly may look good, but only once it is accessorized, will the room have that real wow factor. Just like throwing on that funky necklace or a beautiful scarf to enhance your outfit, accessories truly help tie a room all together.

Books are my favorite form of accessory and the simplest to incorporate into any space. Vases with beautiful flowers, sculptures and boxes are also many ways to add a sense of style to a room. Don't be afraid to try different objects in different spaces. Keep them there for a few days and if you aren't happy, then you can switch their position. That is one of the great aspects of accessories, they aren't permanent fixtures.

What is your "go to" interior design accessory?

Check out these images to help give you some different ideas to add some style to your home...

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Climb #2...

One of the first posts I ever wrote was about stairs and how they can be created in so many beautiful ways. I wanted to share some more amazing images.

Most of these are not very child friendly but still fun to admire. Let me know which you like best...

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