Monday, January 31, 2011


I just came across an article in the online magazine Adore Home, the British edition, titled
Jennifer Delonge's Top 5 Tips.  Delonge's advice really resonates with me as I can honestly say that I abide by the advice shared by Delonge with every project I pursue.

I was unable to scan the image of the article so I simply copied the print.  However, you should definitely take a look at the beautiful images of her San Diego home in the February/ March edition of Adore Home.

Jen gives Adore Home her top five tips to creating a beautifully styled home.

1.  Fresh flowers always makes a space feel alive.

2. Own items you love - you will never tire of them and you'd be surprised how there is always a perfect spot for each one!

3. Have a great inexpensive upholsterer/ seamstress in your back pocket for anything from reupholstering to quick changes such as new throw pillows.  You would be surprised how you can accomplish truly beautiful work at affordable prices.  It doesn't all need to be left to designer only!

4. Books, books and more books.  They always help a space feel aged and well-traveled and lived-in and besides it will make you feel like an intellect.

5.  Modern art is affordable!  There are great sites on-line that showcase accessible art from unbelievable artists in the form of limited editions at great prices.  Showcasing modern art, even if in a traditional room, always makes a room feel of the moment and fresh.


P.S. You should also check out Delonge's furniture line.  I have always loved the candy colored fabrics she offers for her custom upholstery.  I actually used her child sized sofa in a project.


I often believe that if your bed consists of just a mattress and a boxspring then it looks as if you never got around to purchasing a proper bed.  Ergo, this category of people actually includes myself as I have slept on a mattress and boxspring for years having not have actually "done" my bedroom yet.

However, lately I have come across many vignettes that prove me wrong.  A bed could actually look very beautiful sans a headboard or frame if it is properly "dressed."  Take a look at these images and tell me what you think....

via elle decor

via coco & kelley

via diversion project

via lonny

via onehour

via onehour

via remodelista

stephen friedman

via bliss blog

via diversion project

via ekenstam

via murdock young

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Come on Ride the Train....

Subway tiles aren't as old fashioned as some tend to assume. They can actually appear very modern and sleek if done properly.  They do not even have to be laid like traditional subway tile which is horizontal and staggered.  You can lay them totally opposite - vertical and one directly on top of the other.  I have used subway tiles many times both for myself and for clients and have yet to lay them in the traditional manner.

If any of you fellow Long Islanders have been to the restaurant Trata in Roslyn, you may have noticed that their bathroom is decked in glossy black subway tiles.  The entire restaurant's decor is absolutely phenomenal (and so is the food!)

Subway tiles are an excellent choice because they are extremely versatile in style, color/ finish, materials and size.  They also range dramatically in price from the basic two by four inch ceramic to mini sized marble ones.  You can also use them on your walls, floor or both.

Here are some different ways you can employ subway tile in your bathroom.

via Apartment Therapy

Take note of the dark grout which makes the tiles stand out.

Notice the two different types of subway used here.  The walls have a beautiful subway tile that stands out a bit from the wall and encased in light colored grout while the bathtub and bathtub wall is covered in basic subway tile with a dark grout.

Using these elongated subway tiles the length of the bathroom creates a larger space.

via Apartment Therapy

LOVE the large black tiles on both the floor and the shower wall.

 Mabley Handler Interiors

Steven Gambrell

I like the pop of glossy brown on the bathtub and backsplash.

Urban Grace Interiors

This is an interesting way to lay the subway tiles.  Do you like it?

Frank Roop Interiors

These metallic tiles are beautiful!  I am sure their price reflects that as well!

Do you like subway tiles?  What is your favorite combination?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cover Me!

How do you feel about living rooms that do not have a rug? Most often I think that uncovered flooring in a living room tends to look naked.  While sometimes a particular interior style actually necessitates a bare floor, most of the time it is a vital part of the decor otherwise leaving the room to appear unfinished.

Below are some photos of how rugs can really bring a room together.

In addition, below the images, I have listed some of my favorite online resources for rugs.

via Domino Magazine

via Metropolitan Home

Amanda Masters

 via Brad Ford Interiors

Toby Fairley

via hegegreenall-scholtz

Weiss Palmer


Graham Moss

I know this photo was in one of my previous posts, but I certainly could not leave it out of a post specifically dedicated to rugs!  Does anyone love multi colored stripes as much as I do????

If your budget is friendly ;-) then you should definitely look at their collection.  Every time I visit their website or their showroom, I feel like a kid in a candy store.  If I could, I would fill my home up with their beautiful handmade rugs!  My favorite, favorite are the Paul Smith designs but I LOVE the Matthew Williamson and Marni as well.  Check out the site - I promise you will be in interior heaven!

Her collection is timeless and stunning.  These rugs can work in any decor and will never go out of style.

Another absolutely amazing collection can be found at Karkula.  While definitely on the pricey side as well, these rugs are so unique and will certainly be a conversation piece.  Check out the Rosa rug by Paola Lenti - LOVE!!!!!!!

Another wonderful resource for rugs.  Elson & Company has a fantastic collection of Tibetan and dhurries you are sure to swoon over.

On a less expensive note....

You could find very cool rugs at wonderful prices in both of these stores.  Some are actually really funky and would be perfect for a kid's room.

These rugs are pricier than West Elm and CB2 but still reasonable.  Most of their designs have muted colors and simple patterns making them versatile for most decor styles.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I was out with some great friends last night for dinner.  We went to Crispo on 14th Street - delicious food and wonderful company.  If you ever go, you HAVE to try the the caramelized brussel sprouts with maple and almonds.  I need this recipe!!!!

Anyway, at dinner my friend Sandy who is in the midst of redecorating her apartment told me she always looks to my blog for ideas.  That made me so happy!   She then suggested I do a post on wall mirrors.  So Sandy, this is for you girlfriend!

Below is a total mix of different kinds of mirrors, some more fun and others more classic.  Let me know which you like most and if there are any you do not like and why...

My most favorite wall mirror is definitely the Kartell Ghost Mirror by Philippe Starck.  It is made of transparent or colored polycarbonate and comes in two sizes and five transparent colors.

The Caadre Mirror Series also by Philippe Starck is more sophisticated than the Ghost Mirror and a LOT more expensive. However, if it is in your budget - go for it!  It is stunning!

Areaware's  "My Brother's Mirror" by desginer Harry Allen is a mirror that has both a contemporary and classic feel.  It comes in white, frosted or chrome and would look fantastic in any room.  

Blu Dot's Mirror, Mirror is a simple clean mirror that looks good without stealing the show.

Choe and Tomlinson Self Portrait Mirrors are pure fun.  I could see this over someone's console in their entryway but it would certainly have to be a homeowner with a great sense of humor.  I think these mirrors are fabulous!

Definitely more on the pricey side,  Ochre's Rectangular Mirror with Mercury Glass is absolutely beautiful.  I love the mercury glass and would love to put this anywhere in my home.  Large wall mirrors are like art and can truly make the room.

The Skram Lineground Rectangle Mirror is designed my Jacob Marks.   The company prides themselves on redefining American craft in the context of modern design.  It is also available in round.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sorry I have not posted in a while.  I am in the midst of converting form a PC to a Mac and still learning!  Promise to post soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Everytime I decide to write a post I have such a hard time choosing what to write about.  My mind is consumed with interiors and there are so many facets to explore. 

So, I am not sure how I ended up with "Climb..." except that lately I have noticed how they can have such an amazing impact on the design of a home.  Whether you choose a fantastic runner, paint the treads or have no bannister at all, your staircase could be a major focal point.

Bruno Suet

David Serra

via design sponge

I love the simplicty of the orange runner with the orange stripe above the molding.  Stunning!

Thom Filicia - Showhouse

Not only is the runner absolutely beautiful with the multiple earthy tones but the rope as a bannister?  Genius! Tell me you wouldn't want this staircase in your beach home?  I guess you would have to first have a beach home which is my absolute dream!

Another breathtaking runner!  I especially love the muted pink down the center.

GOSSIP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Vogue Living Australia

via Avant Gard Blog