Friday, September 16, 2011

Kitchens... The Island

When designing your kitchen, if space allows, definitely include an island. Islands are a wonderful addition to your kitchen because it affords you extra counter and storage space, as well as a place to add more kitchen amenities. It may also be an opportunity for extra seating with some stylish barstools.

Some things to consider...

Do you want to have your range and/or stove top in the island?  If so, then you will require a hood installed above for proper ventilation.  

If you do not have a hood, definitely take time choosing the proper lighting to illuminate the island. Hanging three attractive pendants will add a beautiful design element to your kitchen.

If you decide to put barstools, make sure they are comfortable. Backless stools may look good, but depending on who you plan on sitting in the stools, they may not be such a smart choice.

It is also fun to design your island in a different color than the other cabinetry in the kitchen as well as an alternate countertop material.

Lastly, while having some open shelving in the island looks pretty in pictures, remember that you need to have things to fill these shelves (whether cookbooks, accessories, etc.) You also have to maintain them looking clean and tidy. If you aren't confident that you are going to upkeep these shelves, I suggest not having any open shelving in your kitchen.

Here are some images to jump start the brainstorming of your project...

via chic tip

via chic tip

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via delisistyles

via desire to inspire

via elle decor

via elle decor (courtney cox)

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via massuco warner miller

via elle decor

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