Friday, February 4, 2011


Flowers are a wonderful, easy way to add life to your home. If you ever look at a space and think it looks bare or that it needs a pop of color, placing a pretty vase with flowers is a quick solution. I  believe that flowers add life and happiness to a home.

My one issue is that I am terrible at making pretty arrangements.  In fact, I would love to have Scarsella's (an amazing florist in Syosset) to do floral intallations in my house weekly.  However, I am sure this is not an added expense my husband would approve of.  I guess I should start budgeting my own money for this luxury.  Good thing I am a working girl!

One flower that always looks good even if they are not arranged by a professional are tulips.  Tulips are my go-to flower I tend to display on my entry console.  I love how after a few days they fall over the side of the vase.

Below are some pics demonstrating how flowers make beautiful decor......

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