Saturday, February 5, 2011

Don't be Afraid!

When I first began to decorate my current home I was very intimidated to use any color. I felt white walls, maybe a little grey paint as well, was a way a safer bet. However, as time went on, I began to add more pops all throughout the house and now I have splashes of color everywhere.

In hindsight, I do not know why the use of color frightened me so much. Maybe it was the fear that I would eventually get bored or sick of a particular hue and want to change it? Yet, if this is really why someone chooses not to utilize color in their decor, then simply only use color in pops. You can always change your pillows if the hot pink you liked last year has started to bother you. Accessories are also a great way to splash some greens and yellows into your decor.

Either way, I just wanted to share some fantastic images of rooms that go "all out" with color. While this may be too much color for the average person to live with daily, I do not think anyone can deny its beauty.

Sir Elton John's Home

Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design Magazine



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via delikatissen

via delikatissen

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  1. These rooms are amazing Melanie!!! Can't wait for you to decorate my house! Love, Tara

  2. Need some ideas for standout centerpiece for kitchen table!!


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