Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's Hang Out

The concept of entertaining is a great concern when designing a home, especially for people with big families and/or a lot of friends. Designers are constantly challenged by balancing aesthetics with the desire to "fit" as many people as possible comfortably.

I recently came across the same predicament when designing a basement/ playroom. I needed to address the fact that this was a space that would be occupied by both children and adults. So while it was necessary to be playful, I didn't want it to seem too kitschy.  

The result is the room below. As you can see there are two televisions, one larger one for movies and a smaller one for "gaming." Behind the sofa are a few beanbags like the yellow one you see in the photo. Beanbags are an easy solution allowing a bunch of kids to join in the video games.

My Design ;-)
Feathered Nest Interiors, LLC

The next few images are more sophisticated rooms that provide an ideal space for entertaining friends and fostering both conversation and comfort.

The J. Irwin Miller House via Plastolux

James Silverman Photography

Metropolitan Home Magazine

Samantha Boardman Living Room

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