Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robert Granoff Photography

I am always on the hunt for a really amazing interior photographer as I love perusing their work. Randomly I was searching through different "interior design" apps in the ITunes Store when I came across an App by a photographer named Robert Granoff. I immediately recognized the name as he is the brother/ brother in law of good friends of mine.

Upon looking through his work I was speechless! I couldn't believe I actually knew this phenomenal photographer and of course I contacted him immediately to share my adoration of his work.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to Robert. Below are some images from his site, but trust me you should be sure to view all of the images he has on his website/ app.

To locate his App, simply go to or type "Robert Granoff" in the search field of any apple device. His App is compatible with both the IPhone and IPad.

If you know anyone looking for a photographer, you should certainly have them contact him. His reputation is impeccable and he is the sweetest guy you will ever meet! He also loves to compensate anyone that refers him business (he views everyone as his agents), so if you make the connection he will hook you up with a three digit gift cards or even cash! Sounds good to me!

A little background on Robert...

Robert Granoff is a professional photographer who specializes in interior design and architecture. In 2002 Robert, formed RMG, PHOTO, LLC and since then he has enjoyed shooting for prestigious clients such as Billhuber and Associates, Dordoni Architetti, Minotti, Herman Miller, and ddc, to name just a few. He currently resides in Long Island City where he's prone to pondering his next great space while gazing at the Manhattan skyline."

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