Friday, March 11, 2011

Chalk it Up!

While some people may be over the chalkboard wall, I still get excited to see one if it is done well. Especially for a home with children, a chalkboard wall can be a great source of communication and inspiration for the family. It also looks super cool ;-)

Chalkboard walls are a really easy DIY project. You can simply get black or green chalkboard paint at any local paint store. It may be called "table tennis paint." To add more fun to your wall just add a magnetic primer underneath the paint, thus making your wall writeable and magnetic!

Or, if you want to be a little more fun, check out Hudson Paint which sells chalkboard paint in amazing vibrant colors. Look how great this mom used Hudson paint to keep track of her family's whereabouts.

via Hudson Paint

Below are additional images of great chalkboard spaces.

barbara hill

via decorology

via design studio 210

via delikattassen

via living etc magazine

via room for court

via fffound

via point click home

via remodelista


  1. LOVE IT! Coming from an early childhood background... giving children the opportunity to write on a vertical surface is so important for building the necessary wrist placement, shoulder muscles and trunk stability necessary for developing good handwriting! I wish all kid had more opportunities to work on easels - or walls prior to kindergarten. Now for the OCD part of me... how do you handle the clean up of the chalkdust on the floor constantly? The "dustless" chalk isn't really dustless. Or, do you just make it part of the daily clean up process?

  2. Wow - I never knew about how important it is to write on vertical surfaces Jen. Thanks for such great information! As for the chalk, there really is no perfect solution. You can place some sort of drop cloth underneath which tends to work best. Due to the dust, some people are turned off from the chalkboard wall and go for a dry erase board instead.


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