Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome Guest Blogger - Renay Morris

with imagemaking magic. 

SHARE GREAT MOMENTS in a BIG way with family and friends. With a few clicks of your camera's shutter you can garner a host of images and secure its history. One step further. Make a fine-art impression and create a keepsake. Consider this for a child's room or for any space in any room. Personalize with large-scale photo installations, unique cut-outs, murals, custom collages, triptychs and the like. Choose cool or warm tones for accent walls. All things fun. Colorful. Lively. Soothing. Go for wild hot colors or capture a moment in black and white that's soft and grainy.

IT IS AMAZING how easy one photo will transform a cold space into a phantasmagoricalplace. Create jillions of joy with inventive and colorfully designed images. What once was bare is now welcoming and familiar. Use your imagination and all is possible.   

IT'S AS EASY AS PIE. A bounty of photo/digital resources are available on-line. From stock photos to labs, consultants and pro photographers. Mounting and laminating. Frames and photo printing substrates. It's a sure bet. Make this your NEXT BIG THING.   

For further information on making the NEXT BIG THING, contact Renay Elle Morris at: 

+1 917 968 2105

About Renay Elle Morris

An internationally recognized writer, award winning creative director, and photographer, Renay is an active participant in art/photography programs and keeps current relationships with museums, high-end galleries, and art organizations in the US and abroad. 

In 2010 she previewed her series "WOMEN IN THE LANDSCAPE" in Paris and Deauville, France.  
Renay is available for photo assignments and project consultation. 

All images are copyright Renay Elle Morris/PHOTOPRESSEIMAGES.COM

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