Tuesday, December 21, 2010


When venturing to purchase bedding, it is very important to ask yourself how it is you want your bed to look.  People often inquire as to how they should make thier bed.  Should they use a lot of accent pillows, is it appropriate to make hospital corners, do I need to use a flat sheet, etc?  The truth is there is no hard and fast rule. 

There are tons of different methods to making a bed and you simply have to decide what works best for you.  Some people decide against a lot of pillows for the mere fact that they are annoying to take off every night when it is time to go to sleep.  Others dislike hospital corners because they prefer not have to pull the covers out from under the mattress each time they climb into bed.

In order to make a wise decision regarding your bedding purchase try to take all aspects into account.  I have compiled a bunch of photos of beds all made in different manners.  Browse through them paying attention as to whether there is just one blanket, a blanket and a quilt, how many pillows, etc.  This will help your decision making process.

I love how the pop of yellow originates soley from the lamps and the chairs.

Platform beds are great because you do not need a boxspring or a bed skirt and they are much easier to make.

Typically I would think that there is too much going on with this bed.  However, I think the colors and design of these accents pillows on this black bed is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!  How interesting are these throws?

On a side note, despite our bed talk I must comment on the above rug.  Does Madelien Weinrib make the most beautiful carpets?  I only wish I could install wall to wall in one of my rooms.   Unfortuntely, it is extrememely expensive when you buy it custom by the square foot.  The rugs, however are relatively reasonable.  Check them out here

I like how clean the bed looks with all white linens with the pop of color from the bolsters..  (Although seafoam isn't my favorite color.)

Another bed with a lot going on but I think it works quite nicely.  The cute dog lounging also helps ;-)

This is actually Ellen Pompeo's bedroom via Elle Decor.  What do you think of the tapestry hanging over the bed?

Sometimes I like the look of an untailored bed that kind of looks as if it was half made.  Do you like getting into your bed at night when it is made or when it is unmade?

This is Dwell Studio Bedding and I love it, of course, because it has stripes.  Stripes are my favorite patten and I actually have the same bedding with the brown trim in my son's bedroom.  Check it out here.

via Marie Clair Maison
Have you ever seen a blanket like this?  It is so cool!!!

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