Monday, December 20, 2010

Hostess Gifts

Holiday time is here and I am sure that you have a lot of parties on the calendar.  When it comes to hostess gifts I like to bring something that is both practical and charming. 

Here are some  ideas for great hostess gifts.

As always, Etsy is one of my favorite resources for everything....

How cute are these custom napkin rings?  If I had them I think I would want to leave them on the table all the time!

This gift is definitely something to put a smile on your host's face. 

I think these bowls are absolutely adorable  They are a great place to throw your keys by the door or stash some jewelry.  Don't be afraid that the colors may not work in your host's home.  Adding pops of color with accessories regardless of their homes' color scheme is festive and fun!

These paper bowls are beautiful as well.

Miranda Watkins simply makes some of the most beautiful home decor.  Have you ever seen a more stunning way to display fruit?

Candles are such a wonderful and practical hostess gift.  There are so many different brands that are both great looking and great smelling.  My two favorite are Dayna Decker and Lafco.  You cannot go wrong with either.

Check them out....

Lafco's line of "House & Home" candles are super cool because each color coordinates with a particular scent and a particular room of the home.  The colors are beautiful and their scent is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These little boxes are inexpensive and can be used for multiples purposes.  I think they are so cute!

A gift that I personally love to both give and receive is a beautiful coffee table book.  Anyone can use one and it really is such a fantastic added touch to home decor. 

Both Assouline and Rozzoli publish magnificent books in a wide range of genres.

These have to be the most unique and fun way to keep tissues.  The colors are fantastic!

Trivets are a good gift because it isn't something people normally spend money on themselves.  These trivets are really quite  interesting.

The Modern Museum of Art is another fabulous resource for gifts.  I am always finding something new on their website. 

I love these chalkboard vases and they are not expensive!

Hope I gave you some good ideas!  Happy shopping!

Do you have any great hostess gift ideas?  Please share.  I would love to hear!

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  1. great gift ideas. I love em!
    Whatcha gonna write about tomorrow? :) Super Cozy Beds/Bedding?


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