Monday, December 6, 2010

my first post!

For my first post I thought I would share my newest obsession.....


I am in love with everything black for interiors - from walls to furniture, floors, kitchens, window treatments etc....  Many people are highly afraid of using the color black due to the many preconceived notions concerning this color - makes rooms feel smaller, depressing, blah blah blah. 

Obviously I highly disagree.  Please look at these images and tell me if it evokes any of those feelings.

I really like the black moudlings!  I wonder if there is a splash of color anywhere in this room?

The colorful rug really stands out with the black and white interiors.  Splash of color is another one of my design favorites.

So often people design the all white kitchen, which I must admit I did when renovating my home.  However, I am really loving black cabinets.  Imagine I tell my husband I want to redo our 3 year old kitchen?!!!

Beautiful Nama Rococo hand-painted and hand-screened wallcovering

Who would of thought to paint black in high gloss?  I think it is amazing!

The neon interior door is absolutely fantastic next to the matte black wall.  This took a lot of guts to do and it panned out beautifully.

Black window treatments against a charchoal wall - doesn't this room make you want to crawl onto the couch and read a book? 

If you ever suggested to someone to use black in their nursery they might think you are crazy.  Yet I think it is stunning!

This could be one of my favorite nurseries.  The black dresser against the black wall coupled with the yellow and white striped ceiling is absolute perfection!

The Random Pendant light really looks super cool against the backdrop of the black wall.  I have this fixture in my kitchen and while I love it I am thinking that I am seeing it everywhere.  Do you think it is overdone?  Please comment.

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