Monday, December 6, 2010

Wall Decor

Very often beautiful interiors look even more amazing and certainly more finished when there is artwork on the walls.  I am aware that you are not supposed to outfit your home immediately with art as it supposed to be something you acquire over time.  Nonetheless, I am continusouly on the hunt for wall decor.  I find bare walls depressing and think they lend an unifinshed feeling to a room.  (hint hint to my husband - my birthday is next month!)

Therefore, I am always searching for not too pricey art to spice up my home.  I have actually created some of my own wall decor.  I am too shy to share with you now but maybe soon!

Here are a few sites to check out....

This site offers stunning artwork by independent artists.  There is actually a 25% off sale on this site now.  Buy someone you love some beautiful art at a great price!

Max Elman - Pool Party

You can find very unique posters and prints here.  The illustrations are just charming. You could certainly find a place for one of these prints somewhere in your home.

Blanca Gomez - Monieur II

While Velocity is a key resource for all things "home," their art category is really amazing and very easy to navigate.

Petit Collage Giraffe #16

Love Petit Collage - since I specialize in interior spaces for children I am always excited to find great art for children's rooms.  There is so much kitschy art out there for kids that turns my stomach.  One of my next posts is going to be dedicated specifically to wall decor for the lil ones....

A friend just reminded me of another great resource.

Werner Kranwetvogel - Mass Games Pyonyang #05

Obviously Etsy is a phenomenal resource as well.  Here are some of my favorite etsy shops for art:

String Theory

Bumper to Bumper

Windswept Wishes by Michael Benninghoven


Damn Paparazzi

Love or Bust

Do you have any great resources for art?  Please share. 

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