Saturday, December 11, 2010


There are so many ways to liven up boring walls.  Obviously paint of any color with the option of mutliple finishes is the least expensive option.  You can also do specialty painting, whether textures, stripes etc. 

Another option is using wall decals which can be cute but you have to be careful because they can cheapen the look of the room.

I personally love wallpaper.  Here are some of my favorite wallpaper designers and some of their work...


Lletras i Tipos

I actually used the paper above in my 4 year old's room and it looks super cool.  However I also think it would look great in an adult's office or library.

Not only does Eskayel produce beautifully handmade wallpaper, their fabrics are just as fabulous.

Capri Kiss

Trove could possibly make THE most unbelievable wallcovering.  I would  love to have this paper anywhere in my home,   however, it is quite pricey.  If you do fall in love with it though, you can choose one wall in a room and this paper will certainly be an amazing focal point.

Treet - White


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