Sunday, January 9, 2011

Books Anyone?

How many people actually have a collection of books that they keep in their home?  I used to have a pretty decent book collection until I donated most of them to make space for baby #3.  The truth is, rarely do I go into someone's home and see a beautifully filled bookcase. 

An exception goes to my friends Gillian & Tal who actually have one of the most brilliant book collections housed in an even more amazing bookshelf unit!  You should also check out Gillian's AMAZING book titled "Testimony." 
What an unbelievable book to add to your book collection!

See Gillian & Tal's book collections below in the next three images.

Below are some more photos of fabulous bookshelf units...

I never saw a curtain in front of the a bookcase before.  I wonder if it is there for decorative purposes or it is actually used to hide the books when company is visiting.

Hanging art onto the actual unit is a great way to add interest to your bookshelf.

These high gloss black bookshelves are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wish I had them in my office....

New York Times

via Design is Mine


  1. I love them all - especially the black glossy shelves. I also really like the grey/orange room with white shelves for a kids room - good choice!


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