Sunday, January 2, 2011

Light up the Room!


So I am back from Israel!  The trip far exceeded my expectations and everyone had an unbelievable time.  I am still adjusting to the time change so if you notice any errors in the post I blame it on jetlag!

On to my blog....

A request I often receive from clients and friends is to suggest great lighting fixtures for the bedroom.  Even if you plan on installing recessed lighting, (which causes some designers to turn up their nose) you still may want to make a statement with an awesome ceiling or pendant light.

As with everything regarding home decor the pricing ranges are incredible.  You can find an awesome fixture at IKEA for less than $100 or have one custom made for one hundred times the price.  Either way, it is always nice to have another form of lighting in the room other than recessed. 

The globe pendant I bought for my son's nursery is adorable and a little more than $100.  Find it here.

Head on down to your local IKEA and you will see many options for cool modern lighting.  In fact, if these fixtures were being displayed in an expensive store, I bet the average consumer would assume these were a lot more pricey than they actually are.

Another pendant that  I have mentioned in an earlier post, is the Kartell FL/Y Suspension Lamp.  This fixture is one of my favorites because it is priced well and comes in many vibrant colors.  You can either hang one by itself or even more fun is to bunch three together, hanging them at varying lengths. (When bunching lights together, I always recommend displaying an odd number.  It just seems to look best.)

My favorite custom lighting vendor to work with is Bone Simple Design in NYC.  Chad Jacobs, the designer and owner, is absolutely delightful to work with and creates the most amazing fixtures.   He has a team of craftspeople who construct each fixture by hand developing unique fixtures you will not find anywhere else.  Check out his website here.

Another great way to add a fun pop of color to a typically boring white ceiling is the "Muse."  Like the FL/Y Supsension Lamp, the Muse comes in tons of amazing colors.  You can either mount it flush to the ceiling or have it suspended.  Find it at Suite NY.

How fun is this fixture for a girl's bedroom?  I think it would look super cool in a room that is mostly white making this the dominant pop of color.  You also cannot beat the great price of $65!!!

Another beautiful and more sophisitaced option for a girls bedroom is the "Proper."  It looks as if there is a tutu flowing from the pendant. 

The "Bloom" pendant  lamp comes in white, orange and yellow and also adds a fun burst of color to a girl's bedroom.  

While it is certainly easier to find an abundance of great fixtures that work in girl's rooms, people tend to have a harder time specifying a fixture for a boy's room.  Usually the simpler the better, otherwise there is always the chance of it looking too cutesy.  The Itka Suspension Lamp from Ameico is a great choice with its clean simple look.   

I also really like the Twiggy Suspension Lamp which comes in red, black, white and yellow.   The Twiggy comes in a smallsize which can be hung bunched or a Grande size which looks awesome solo!

Another great option for a boy's bedroom is any of George Nelson Bubble lamps.  These classics are fun and well priced fixtures that add a a splash of retro 60's to any bedroom.

What do you think of these fixtures?  Can you recommend any fixtures that you love?  Please share!!! I would love to hear your great ideas!

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