Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I was out with some great friends last night for dinner.  We went to Crispo on 14th Street - delicious food and wonderful company.  If you ever go, you HAVE to try the the caramelized brussel sprouts with maple and almonds.  I need this recipe!!!!

Anyway, at dinner my friend Sandy who is in the midst of redecorating her apartment told me she always looks to my blog for ideas.  That made me so happy!   She then suggested I do a post on wall mirrors.  So Sandy, this is for you girlfriend!

Below is a total mix of different kinds of mirrors, some more fun and others more classic.  Let me know which you like most and if there are any you do not like and why...

My most favorite wall mirror is definitely the Kartell Ghost Mirror by Philippe Starck.  It is made of transparent or colored polycarbonate and comes in two sizes and five transparent colors.

The Caadre Mirror Series also by Philippe Starck is more sophisticated than the Ghost Mirror and a LOT more expensive. However, if it is in your budget - go for it!  It is stunning!

Areaware's  "My Brother's Mirror" by desginer Harry Allen is a mirror that has both a contemporary and classic feel.  It comes in white, frosted or chrome and would look fantastic in any room.  

Blu Dot's Mirror, Mirror is a simple clean mirror that looks good without stealing the show.

Choe and Tomlinson Self Portrait Mirrors are pure fun.  I could see this over someone's console in their entryway but it would certainly have to be a homeowner with a great sense of humor.  I think these mirrors are fabulous!

Definitely more on the pricey side,  Ochre's Rectangular Mirror with Mercury Glass is absolutely beautiful.  I love the mercury glass and would love to put this anywhere in my home.  Large wall mirrors are like art and can truly make the room.

The Skram Lineground Rectangle Mirror is designed my Jacob Marks.   The company prides themselves on redefining American craft in the context of modern design.  It is also available in round.

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