Monday, January 31, 2011


I just came across an article in the online magazine Adore Home, the British edition, titled
Jennifer Delonge's Top 5 Tips.  Delonge's advice really resonates with me as I can honestly say that I abide by the advice shared by Delonge with every project I pursue.

I was unable to scan the image of the article so I simply copied the print.  However, you should definitely take a look at the beautiful images of her San Diego home in the February/ March edition of Adore Home.

Jen gives Adore Home her top five tips to creating a beautifully styled home.

1.  Fresh flowers always makes a space feel alive.

2. Own items you love - you will never tire of them and you'd be surprised how there is always a perfect spot for each one!

3. Have a great inexpensive upholsterer/ seamstress in your back pocket for anything from reupholstering to quick changes such as new throw pillows.  You would be surprised how you can accomplish truly beautiful work at affordable prices.  It doesn't all need to be left to designer only!

4. Books, books and more books.  They always help a space feel aged and well-traveled and lived-in and besides it will make you feel like an intellect.

5.  Modern art is affordable!  There are great sites on-line that showcase accessible art from unbelievable artists in the form of limited editions at great prices.  Showcasing modern art, even if in a traditional room, always makes a room feel of the moment and fresh.


P.S. You should also check out Delonge's furniture line.  I have always loved the candy colored fabrics she offers for her custom upholstery.  I actually used her child sized sofa in a project.

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