Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Come on Ride the Train....

Subway tiles aren't as old fashioned as some tend to assume. They can actually appear very modern and sleek if done properly.  They do not even have to be laid like traditional subway tile which is horizontal and staggered.  You can lay them totally opposite - vertical and one directly on top of the other.  I have used subway tiles many times both for myself and for clients and have yet to lay them in the traditional manner.

If any of you fellow Long Islanders have been to the restaurant Trata in Roslyn, you may have noticed that their bathroom is decked in glossy black subway tiles.  The entire restaurant's decor is absolutely phenomenal (and so is the food!)

Subway tiles are an excellent choice because they are extremely versatile in style, color/ finish, materials and size.  They also range dramatically in price from the basic two by four inch ceramic to mini sized marble ones.  You can also use them on your walls, floor or both.

Here are some different ways you can employ subway tile in your bathroom.

via Apartment Therapy

Take note of the dark grout which makes the tiles stand out.

Notice the two different types of subway used here.  The walls have a beautiful subway tile that stands out a bit from the wall and encased in light colored grout while the bathtub and bathtub wall is covered in basic subway tile with a dark grout.

Using these elongated subway tiles the length of the bathroom creates a larger space.

via Apartment Therapy

LOVE the large black tiles on both the floor and the shower wall.

 Mabley Handler Interiors

Steven Gambrell

I like the pop of glossy brown on the bathtub and backsplash.

Urban Grace Interiors

This is an interesting way to lay the subway tiles.  Do you like it?

Frank Roop Interiors

These metallic tiles are beautiful!  I am sure their price reflects that as well!

Do you like subway tiles?  What is your favorite combination?


  1. Love this blog!!! Read it every day!

  2. HERE GOES....

    Love subway tiles. I especially like the long grey ones on the floor. I like many of the others as well. However i don't like it when they use the black grout on the white tiles. (yuk) The dark grout looks dirty. I prefer a clean, pristine look. thank you & keep blogging


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